The Indiana Racing Memorial Association (IRMA) is a small not-for-profit dedicated to celebrating racing history in the State of Indiana.  Sewah Studios has been a great partner for us in providing a quality product on a timely basis to meet our ambitious schedule to place 19 markers in less than three years for our State’s Bicentennial.

Sewah first helped us to design a marker that has won high acclaim in our state, incorporating color images at the top and bottom and photographs.  These markers bring history to life for the race drivers, promoters, short tracks and events that made Indiana “the Racing Capitol of the World.”  The quality of the markers has been consistently excellent.  Due to the demand, we have asked much of Sewah and they have always delivered on time with the product in great shape.

Sewah’s staff was professional and helpful in guiding us through the process.  This year, 2017, we are launching the American Racing Memorial Association and there is only one place we will go for markers to be placed around the country, and that is Sewah Studios.