Your marker is a hand crafted original work of art. Never some new age computer generated copy.

Here are some more reasons to appreciate the Sewah Difference:

PATTERN DESIGN: All Sewah Studio historic markers are handcrafted using a one-of-a-kind design and are the exclusive property of Sewah Studios.  There are no drawings detailing the dimensions or specifications of these original templates.
LETTERING: The font style used by Sewah Studios is our own proprietary lettering with no commercial alternatives available.  Our character library was handmade in the early 1920s and has been consistently used since then.
TYPESETTING PROCESS: Sewah Studios manually arranges our distinctive lettering on every marker manufactured.  This time-honored process guarantees an historic look for each individually crafted marker.  Setting inscriptions letter by letter brings about slight random imperfections that have the appearance the marker was created long ago. Typical plaque manufacturers employ a computerized photopolymer plate-making process born from the rubber stamp industry which creates a near perfect magazine quality output.  This mass production process is widely used in the packaging industry.  Rubber stamping markers defeats the intended appearance of an enduring handcrafted work of art. Computerized plate-making is expensive and in no way matches the quality of a historically sound technique that produces heirloom quality pieces of art. Sewah markers cast in the 30s, 60s, and today all have identical features because the same rigorous steps have been consistently used in their creation.
Sewah uses a signature “leatherette” textured background that cannot be duplicated by computerization.  Photopolymer plate-making background texture choices are limited to a smooth or bumpy pebble finish or variations in between.  Sewah’s background is an integral part of our unmistakable product.
 POWDER COATING: Sewah Studios is the only known marker manufacturer that uses an electrostatic powder paint process in production.  This green process provides a much more durable finish to withstand harsh weather.  Further, all Sewah markers are coated with a UV protective clear coating.  Research shows a powder-coated finish is 10 times stronger than liquid-coating and is better for the environment.  Sewah routinely tests our finishes using an accelerated salt-spray analysis that consistently surpasses architectural standards for exterior application.
LOCATION: Sewah Studios is located in Marietta, OH, near I-77.  We are in the foothills of Appalachia, close to the Ohio and Muskingum rivers in picturesque Marietta, Ohio – The first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory.
EMPLOYEES:  Sewah Studios workforce is made up of 30% West Virginia residents and 70% Ohio residents.  All take pride in crafting distinctive and irreplaceable creations.
FIXED PRICING: Because of Sewah Studios’ close proximity to highways and major transportation terminals, we have been able to fix our prices through 2018.  Fixed pricing has been in place since 2006. 
Although Sewah is the leading manufacturer of cast aluminum historical markers, we are a small family-owned business and take care of our customers in a friendly and congenial manner.  We stand behind our handiwork with our 90-year tradition of product quality and customer satisfaction.  No payment is expected until the product has been received and accepted by the end customer.