The Revised Ohio

The Revised Ohio


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Select 10" x 12" (H x W) 20" x 29" (H x W) 20" x 36" (H x W) 26" x 36" (H x W) 33" x 43" (H x W) 39" x 43" (H x W)
Plate Color Aluminum Black Brown CMT Red Dark Blue Grey Ivory Mack Blue Medium Green NY Blue PA Blue Purple Red Shading Green White
Letter Color Aluminum Black Brown Dark Blue Fleet Gold Ivory Mack Blue Mack Green Red Sunburst Yellow White
Etched Plate Yes No
Metal Photo Yes No
QR Code Yes No
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The Revised Ohio design is a simple design with its shallow sloping arch crest.  This pattern can be used with or without an emblem or insignia ornamentation.  There are 6 sizes available.

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Marker Size

10" x 12" (H x W), 20" x 29" (H x W), 20" x 36" (H x W), 26" x 36" (H x W), 33" x 43" (H x W), 39" x 43" (H x W)

Plate Color

Aluminum, Black, Brown, CMT Red, Dark Blue, Grey, Ivory, Mack Blue, Medium Green, NY Blue, PA Blue, Purple, Red, Shading Green, White

Letter Color

Aluminum, Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Fleet, Gold, Ivory, Mack Blue, Mack Green, Red, Sunburst Yellow, White

Etched Plate

Yes, No

Metal Photo

Yes, No

QR Code

Yes, No