The Lil Tennessee

The Lil Tennessee


Marker Size REQ
26" x 32" (H x W) 26" x 32" (H x W)
Plate Color Aluminum Black Brown CMT Red Dark Blue Grey Ivory Mack Blue Medium Green NY Blue PA Blue Purple Red Shading Green White
Letter Color Aluminum Black Brown Dark Blue Fleet Gold Ivory Mack Blue Mack Green Red Sunburst Yellow White
Etched Plate Yes No
Metal Photo Yes No
QR Code Yes No
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The Lil Tennessee is a modest yet attractive pattern.  This design does not have the traditional buttress support rails typically found on most historic markers; instead the exterior is clean with the interior of the panel suggesting an “art nouveau” feel.  The crest can be used with or without artwork.  The Lil Tennessee panel size is limited but large enough to be versatile.


Additional information

Marker Size

26" x 32" (H x W)

Plate Color

Aluminum, Black, Brown, CMT Red, Dark Blue, Grey, Ivory, Mack Blue, Medium Green, NY Blue, PA Blue, Purple, Red, Shading Green, White

Letter Color

Aluminum, Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Fleet, Gold, Ivory, Mack Blue, Mack Green, Red, Sunburst Yellow, White

Etched Plate

Yes, No

Metal Photo

Yes, No

QR Code

Yes, No