The State of Virginia assembled a team of 3 experts to evaluate and select historical markers. Their results demonstrate a clear difference between hand-crafted markers made by Sewah Studios and those of its biggest competitor.  Judge for yourself.

A technical evaluation of uniformity of color, gloss, accuracy of raised lettering and diamond dart, uniformity of material thickness (powder coat / aluminum), panel dimensions, border, marker collar, hardware, adhesion of powder coat, clear coat, consistency and quality of cast aluminum, lettering detail, reflectivity, etc. resulted in a higher score for the sample submittal by Sewah Studios. While Sewah Studios scored 15 out of 15 points by the Technical Advisory Committee, Competitor scored 10. Deficiencies in the Competitor’s Sample submittal were in areas of critical importance and may be summarized as follows:

Sewah Studios

Sewah Studios Marker
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The Competition

The Competition’s Marker
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 Technical Evaluation by State of Virginia Experts   Sewah Studios   The Competition
Sheen of background silver Uniform Non-uniform
Sheen of black lettering and border Uniform Non-uniform
Clear powder coat on panel Uniform Peeling
Black paint on bottom left edge Uniform Blistered
Aluminum casting at top left hand corner of panel Uniform Holes
Panel (casting) from side to side Uniform Warped
Thickness of powder coat product in all areas (border, text, panel) Uniform Consistently less than Sewah
Overall artistry and craftsman-ship Far superior to
the Competitor Panel
Font style Easier to read Harder to read
Manufacturer recommendations of paint applications All received 2 of 3 not received


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View the full State of Virginia report.  View the photos from the report.