Your Sewah marker can be mounted in several ways. Here is an explanation of each.
If you want help determining which is best for your needs, we’re glad to help.

Wall (or Plaque Surface) Mount


Concealed Surface Mount-for this option we would conceal the mounting to the backside so that no holes will need to be seen or drilled in the face of the marker.  By drilling only a short depth into the back of the marker this will allow bolts to be screwed in.  The bolt will be left out of the back of the marker at enough length to epoxy into predrilled holes on a wall or flat surface making a seamless look from the exterior.

Four Corner Wall Mount- almost all of our markers can be mounted to a wall or flat surface.  A four corner wall mount marker will have a hole drilled entirely through each corner for affixing to a wall or flat surface.  For the larger markers “Button Mount” we will supply large 3/8” bolts with expansion sleeves and a decorative cover for the bolt heads painted to match the marker.  The smaller markers will have small ¼” machine screws with expansion sleeves or wood screws with the heads painted to match the marker.


Single Post Mount


Single post markers are manufactured with a mounting cap that include 8 set screws for securing the marker to the post.  Standard marker orders ship with a 7’ post with 3’ to be inserted in ground with 4’ above grade positioning the marker panel for an appealing eye level of readability.  A 10’ post is available for mounting on side walk allowing for head room clearance and compliance with any local sign ordinance.



2 Post Mount


Large markers are manufactured to suspend between 2 posts with 4 pins inserted into the sides of the marker and pre-drilled holes in the posts.  The posts are inserted 3’ into the ground with approx. 7ft. of post above grade for mounting the marker.  The posts can be set in concrete or soil as desired.