Sewah Studios was founded in 1927 by Mr. E. M. Hawes and began operation in what was formerly an organ factory on the west side of historic Marietta, Ohio. In naming the company, Mr. Hawes spelled his last name backwards and for no particular reason, added the word studios. Since the name is our greatest asset, we have never considered changing it, confusing as it may be to some people. The company was purchased by the family of the current owner in 1954 and a new plant was constructed at the present site in 1959. The company was incorporated in 1992.

Sewah historical markers can be found in each of the fifty states and in several foreign countries. When we include our sales to local historical societies and private organizations, we ship to more than 35 different states each year. The following states purchase their official state markers from us: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Kansas, Oklahoma, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri and Iowa.